Hello world!

Hello world! As one person to another, let me explain the purpose of this blog site…to clarify future content and purpose.

Over years, I have written personal essays, putting to paper random thoughts and observations. Some of them I will share with you here.

All ideas, thoughts and opinions shared are just that: my personal ideas, thoughts and opinions. And any comments shared in response will have to be rendered with politeness and consideration of others – or be lovingly deleted and barred from further participation.

However, I am not looking for a dialogue so much as a place for me to share life’s lessons learned over the last roller-coaster 76 years of my existence.

We are in “interesting times.” The world is changing so quickly we can barely remain relevant. But, one thing holds true: we live each day until we don’t – trying to make sense of things and giving life our best shot with the help of God and those around us.

In the days ahead, the various issues of life will be the focus.  I hope you will find it all useful, or at least thought-provoking.

Everyone perceives through the filters life imposes. What you receive from these essays will influenced by your own experiences and choices. Hold this thought as you read. Bert Farias quoted his teenage son when he wrote, “When Jesus becomes real, everything changes.” Perspectives, change when Jesus is your filter. What I will attempt to share flows from the perspective of the reality of Jesus in my life.

Whether Jesus is a reality in your life or not, I hope you will be pleasantly surprised and encouraged by what I share with you.

Keep looking up,     LMHW

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