On The Fence??

Dear Friend,

The anniversary of losing Cody and others in war, concerns for family and friends, still feeling Kirsten’s absence, the vicious rapes and slaying, again and again, of Christians by ISIS, the U.S. political tumult, the world’s erratic economy. . . all reasons to despair. How heavy and deep the load can be when all is dark and evil around us. We are naïve at best to be unaware.

When I stare at these things straight on, they are a mountain range obliterating any hope of light. But, as I gaze at the darkness, I am aware of a Presence, a glow of light, like a giant flashlight, behind this mountain of darkness. . . moving, searching, shifting, working.

The darkness is very real. But, I discover that the Light is also very real. How then shall I live in this dichotomy? The choice will be mine. And, the awareness that I face these choices is most important.

For me, the real problem is to acknowledge that these choices exist, to acknowledge we are at war in an additional realm to the one reality owns. Good and evil. Darkness and Light. Right and Wrong. These are clear boundaries that most of us have problems with in today’s world. This is where the battles are fought for our souls. There is a war in the spiritual/soul realm, and we are the prizes sought in the battle. Whether we believe it or not, we do choose sides: Light or darkness, Good or evil, Justice or anarchy . . . give it your own name.

I know it is easier for me to believe that living in “grey in-betweens” is safe. But, after many years, I am aware that there are no grey, neutral zones in life. There are “either-or” choices, places of existing. As someone wiser than I has said, “To not choose is to choose.”

There is a spiritual ‘fence’ with good on one side and evil on the other. Standing ‘on the fence’ is an illusion. We will fall to one side or the other in life. There may be degrees or variants of ‘good’ and levels of ‘evil.’ But, the line is clear. “On the fence” (the ‘grey area’) is not sustainable. So we choose. If we remain on the fence, we eventually fall where the gravity of reality takes us. Or, we can choose to acknowledge where the real battle rages and choose “the good side.”

Once the awareness of our choices fall into place, then more questions begin to emerge in the territory we choose to reside in. But, that is for another day . . .

Keep looking up,

© October 6, 2015