Life in Flux

Dear Friends,

Don’t you love words? I do. Take as an example the phrase, “My life is in flux.”   Flux has an interesting sound and connotation. The online dictionary defines “flux” as follows:

As a noun, it can mean flow (i.e., the flowing of the tide); continuous change (i.e., his views are in a state of flux); in chemistry or physics it means the rate/strength of flow, or a refining substance removing impurities.

As a verb with an object, it means to melt/make fluid or to purge. As a verb used without an object it means to flow.

I think words usually mean something. Sometimes, if I don’t temper my tongue, words spoken in an emotional response reveal some basic things in me that I regret and often reveal myself to me. Then I have to backtrack and make some amends with anyone within range of my words. The next step after that is to work on cleaning up my own system! But, that is life, and not my purpose for today.

Why do I mention the phrase “in flux?” Because the whole world is in major flux. I know, I know . . . life has always been thus. But, it seems to me that the speed and intensity of the flow of life has sped up exponentially. I feel, more than ever before, it is important to be aware and ready for the flux in personal lives, political situations and economic conditions in nations that are now international in effect.

I have a purpose in sharing this, trust me. It is a preamble to my personal answers and will take some thought and preparation to put into words. So, if you’re interested, come back in a few days for my response to my world and my life in flux.

Keep looking up,

© November 28, 2015