Dear Friends,

We are all experiencing change and upheaval in one form or another. Life happens to us. Good and evil affect us, no matter how well our “internal systems” come to terms with it in our own world. And, it’s definitely complicated.  Life, it would seem, has no simple answers . . . or does it?

Well, I think life is simply complicated . . . small joke there, friends.

It all goes back to the foundation. Remember, in a previous post, I spoke of my “house” being completely obliterated in a personal crisis. All that was left was the cement foundation so many houses without basements have. (Houses with basements are a topic for another day.)

For now, picture with me the foundation again—that slab of cement with boards scattered all around it. When complications, pain or evil attacks us, sometimes it is so powerful that all that remains is a cement slab. And, sometimes that cement foundation might have a few cracks in it as well.

SO . . . the key for me is what quality of foundation was laid before the house was hit. Will it stand up under gale force evil and pain? Will it bear the questioning that comes to all of us? Can it bear up under evaluation and resetting?

Do not misunderstand me. Sometimes evil is so strong we end up flat on our backs looking up with only pain and questions. That is why, when your back is flat on the cement, how will you and that foundation hold up?

Personally, that base to me is critical.

I am not a theologian. I do not have even a little list of academic credentials. I am not able to debate logic far more brilliant than I will ever be. I am just a person sharing my search for and the finding of answers for myself to life.

Hold that thought, as I share more another day.
Keep looking up,

© December 3, 2015

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