The Cable Guy Is Here Today . .

The TV cable guy is here. We’ve had trouble with our programs’ reception this past week…distortion on the screen, signals fading in and out . . . can’t hear or see the programs well at all. I called the company and was put on hold for 20 minutes before I finally hung up the phone in complete frustration!!    ARGH!

The Cable Guy came to fix our problem—at least until the next issue arises . . . smile. Our CG says unused outlets in the house, improperly connected lines and outside pole sources all are coming together to created distortions in reception.

So, you know where I am going with this….right? Isn’t that a perfect metaphor for me to use in explaining life’s issues?

I have many choices of providers. Even after choosing, if I have wiring to the wrong outside source, it cannot connect with the central main frame. And, if I have unused outlets, they are drain sources to the power input in the interior cables. And, if the lines and connectors are not up-to-date with my latest equipment, well . . .the rest is predictable history. At least that is what my Cable Guy explained today.

SO many opportunities for examples…so little time!
Smile, I am getting to it . . .

First, life offers so many sources of comfort and direction it can be overwhelming. Do your research; due diligence is very important. It has been my personal discovery that there is only one spiritual resource and life guidance system that presents a totally accurate reception of reality and spiritual truth.

For example, all other spiritual theories, religions, gurus, secular systems included, require either giving up my “inner self” to a larger ‘system’ or working my way into peace by my own personal effort. And, for a while, these things worked for me . . . for a while.

But, the end came in each case when my limited humanity fell exhausted and angry, remaining incomplete at the foot of the altar of my own efforts. I found I was either having to work my way into a “state of completeness” or give over my own autonomy to a higher source or system that said, “it knows better.” It wasn’t that way at first efforts. But, eventually that is what it came to: still that inner place in me that found no sense of “completeness.”

Don’t misunderstand me. (Writing is so tricky) I am not alone. Family and friends surround me. But, inside that secret place in all of us where no one else seems to get to, we are all really alone. We look for that place to be filled in so many ways: friends, lovers, food, substances, buying things, spiritualism—attempting to numb the empty space. Temporarily it might just do that. But, eventually, reality kicks in and we wake up realizing that secret space is still void.

For me, that space is now filled. Is my life without issues? Of course there are issues—that’s real life!  But, that empty place, that lonely, aloneness is filled with a reality and Truth that cannot be taken from me . . . ever.

How I got there will take too much space for this one.
More soon . . .
Keep looking up,

© December 28, 2015

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