Foundation revealed . . .

Dear Friends,

The last time I wrote to you, I promised to explain what occurred in my life supernaturally. I am laughing as I write this because explaining the extra-ordinary in ordinary terms can be a bit difficult! Not everyone finds this Truth the same way as I. But, the one true God is. And, my journey to find him is what I am qualified to share.

I believe what happened when I had my “light bulb” encounter with Truth was a convergence of several factors:

  1. a) there was for me a season of testing, searching, researching, rejecting and evaluating—trying to not be     deceived or self-convinced,
  2. b) a disturbing desperation for answers that pushed me beyond my own ability to solve,
  3. c) caring individuals who patiently listened and prayed for me,
  4. d) and most importantly, a loving Creator who brought me into a perfect storm of events that opened my heart to see what was being offered,
  5. e) and the conditions were set up for me to respond appropriately and permanently.

That orchestrated convergence brought Truth into my spirit by the Spirit of God—revealing my choices in ways I couldn’t grasp naturally. The dictionary says revelation is enlightenment, disclosing to our senses and mind what could not be realized by personal effort.

For example, when I was in Junior High School, I desperately tried to learn basic algebra. My teacher spent a lot of time trying to get me to see/understand the concepts. But, it wasn’t until my brain could align with the information given, and give it logic in ways I could grasp, that I ever understood algebra. Finally, the moment did come when all the teacher had been saying to me fell into place. “Click!” The light bulb went on inside and I got it at last!

In my case, looking for Truth did not create revelation. Truth brought revelation to my spirit.  Bingo! I got it at last! And, from then on, I knew that I knew that I knew the Truth: God’s love was so complete; he gave up all he had. He paid the price for me, so I could have the option to reconnect with him forever. Once revealed, I could finally trust Truth and embrace the Lord God and all he had to offer.

Bear with me as I share some background to help me explain my light-bulb moment.

Most people agree we are a three-part entity—a body, inside which we dwell as a soul and spirit. To delineate further, our soul could be defined as our will (choices we make), our emotions (feeling responses) and our mind (thinking, reasoning). Sometimes, people blend our idea of soul with the human spirit and call it the “heart of who we are.” What we tend to ignore is the third part of us—our human spirit.

What is often left out of this equation is the knowledge that our human spirit, at some critical point in mankind’s history, rebelled at being under any authority other than its own. We began believing we needed no help in running our lives and our world.

From the beginning, we had the liberty to make choices. (We were made for relationship with him, not to be slaving robots.) So, God honored our choice. Through disobedience to the one directive we received, mankind lost innocence. The unfettered, pure and clear relationship with the Creator God was broken—like a bad phone line disconnected. The result was awareness of good AND evil. Leaving our protective place of simple obedience, we became available to evil.

At this point, I believe our human spirit became emptied of the light and life of God that was in us originally—before we listened to the lie.

But, God is never taken by surprise! He worked with generations—preparing humanity for the restoration he planned through his son, Jesus. Jesus—totally human and totally God—with a complete obedience to Creator God that was lacking in humanity originally, restored our relationship with God if we would but say, “Yes!” to him.   I know . . . it’s a mystery. Trust me, I found it to be True.

So, finally, this is where the explanation about our tri-part nature helps. When the light bulb of revelation occurred and I said, “Yes,” it was at that point my dried-up spirit became flooded with the Spirit of God. Like water soaking a sponge, my spirit was immersed with the Holy Spirit (the presence of God). I became alive and one with my Creator at last.  Somehow, God broke through with revelation of Truth. I embraced him, and my human spirit became as though born anew—full of the water of Life that will never run dry!

This was a gift—not something I could generate or earn by doing anything. A love gift for Life. All other spiritual options, and there are many, bring temporary peace of a sort through effort on our part. My only effort was to ask for Truth. The answer was Jesus—a precious eternal gift. Signed, sealed and delivered!

There is more to life than natural senses reveal. What we allow into our spirit is critical. What enters our spirit works to control our soul and body. When my spirit was immersed in God’s Holy Spirit, a new partnership began to align my soul and body into agreement with the heart’s desire of Creator God.

Like taking a trip, you sort through your suitcase to decide what to bring with you.          But, this letter has been long enough. I will save that for next time.

Keep looking up,

© February 18, 2016