Easter 2016

Dear Friends,

Easter blessings to you all! It’s a peculiar Easter Sunday this year. We are fighting colds, etc., and sequestered at home-no sunrise Easter service this year. We have no desire to share our colds and we’re sure others are grateful! So, I am taking this rest time to write to you once again.

I am so glad there is documented proof that Jesus really rose from his grave miraculously; grateful there were witnesses who walked, ate, talked with him after his death; grateful for the record of witnesses who saw him lifted up into heaven and heard his promise to return as he left one day.  No one knows when that will occur, but it will.

In the meantime, he promises to never leave us if we will just turn to him.  His Spirit will empower us to live each day well. In today’s world, that is certainly a large challenge! Will we be perfect?  I think not.  There is only one God; it is not us!  However, he does ask us to process forward with him as our lead and guide.

I want to reemphasize that after finding Jesus as a personal friend and redeemer, real life has only just begun. It is a new process that will last as long as we pull in air on earth.

I wish I could find a way to prepare and help grow lives to process through this life with health and total balance of body, soul, and spirit. But, I don’t have the words, the training, the time to become that helper….in the natural sense. And, also, even at my age, I am continuing to learn. So, I just share my letters with you, hoping they will be helpful.

I believe Jesus died to give us eternal life…definitely. I also believe that is not all he died to accomplish. He wants us to walk by/with his Holy Spirit, to undo the kinks that life uses to screw us up. And, the dynamics of walking into health with Jesus’ Spirit are not complicated.

The first issue, after realizing Jesus is who he says he is, is to accept the best way to health is to live on HIS terms, under his direction and authority. Once that is settled-and it will probably have to be settled daily-the walk into health begins and is maintained. And, the best way is to get God’s handbook (the Bible) and study his ways, will and heart. Doing this with those of the same mindset will keep us in balance. Granted, there is so much in the Bible that is not easily explained with the natural mind. That is where having Holy Spirit with you will lead into the Truth . . . Not just human explanations. Take all your questions to the Lord and time will give you what you need.

That leads to the next step. In my experience, the safest place to be is to spend time with Jesus: thank him for what you do have, read, expectantly talk with him, pouring your life into his safe hands and then listen with your heart-expect his response in whatever way he has created you to hear.

Does that mean life will be problem, pain or stress free? No.
It means that sanity, hope and the strength to press through in a place of peace and trust is possible.

This brings us to another issue-being restored to a place of trust, knowing we can count on him. Life sometimes does its best to destroy that, to rob us of the faith that God is and that he really does love. I know this sounds depressing; really it is not. Once we face our issues, realize we are not our own god, and commit to the Master’s Plan, time with him will give us renewed confidence in him.

Will life attempt to challenge that trust? I think it will try. I know life sometimes screams against this.  I have no answers as to why each of us experiences broken trust except to say that, through it all, I just personally know he never stopped loving us. I personally know he will use all the dirt and coal dust in our lives, compress it with his love and make diamonds out of all we put into his strong and careful hands.

God really is God. God is true to his word. We really can bank on him.
Read Romans, Chapter 8, verses 26-39. It’s his unbroken promise to us.

Well, dear friends, I pray the life Easter promises fills you up and overflows all around you!

Keep looking up,

© Easter Sunday
March 27, 2016