Delays . . .

Dear Friends,

Delays are “interesting.” Sometimes, delays are the result of external circumstances that become roadblocks on a journey. Then, we get out our GPS (what DID we do before GPS?) and reroute, regroup and input the new info to complete our trip well.

There are also delays that are not external, but internally generated. We each have to determine where our delay is coming from: whether to pay no attention to it—to blast through the roadblocks and press on; or delay and gather more data before continuing to our destination. (There is also the possibility that delays are just self-induced procrastination! But that discussion is for another day.)

Recently, I have delayed writing to you. It has been for numerous reasons—externally and internally. Hence, my momentary obsession with delays. My heart is full, but my pen is laid down for yet a few more days. However, the pause is not negative. I will be enjoying an extended family reunion.

I do value writing these letters to you. Please bear with me, while I am otherwise occupied. It will be time well spent. Meanwhile, thoughts are germinating, and my heart is for you.

Keep looking up,

© March 5, 2016

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