The Roller Coaster . . .

Dear Friends,

Well, the beat goes on in life as we know it . . . with some changes, of course. Again, my personal situation is not more important than yours. But, I find it indicative of our times and life in general. So, I share my perspective in the middle of the latest “events” in my life.

Proverbs 16:9 says, “A man’s mind plans his way [as he journeys through life], But the Lord directs his steps and establishes them.” [Amp]

These words are true on many levels. Suffice it to say that my personal life has been a roller coaster of plans changed, adaptations applied, provisions and favor provided in the most peculiar ways.

The first indication of personal changes began with an inner feeling that a commitment I had made was not what I was supposed to do. Being who I am, I kept working it through and doing the preparations for the task I gladly accepted. The nagging doubt wouldn’t leave; but I confidently proceeded with my part in the task—all the time watching with the Lord as to how things would proceed.

Then, we moved temporarily, with plans to return in a few months. So while gone, I continued preparations and praying into the details for the project.   I do not respect saying yes to something and then backing out of it. It’s not honorable or helpful. Moreover, this task was right up my ally. Life, work, and my heart’s desire all came together at the right time. I was sure God had planted me in this situation just for this purpose . . . for me to pull together a citywide prayer project. I knew that if it started, God would later bring in leadership to expand it to county level, and join with state level prayer organizations already established. I was to do what I do—to ‘break a path.’

When inner suspicions arose that I was not the one to do this, I went through many thought processes. Was I the type who is 100% for doing where I was physically located, and then dumping all involvement when I was absent from that place? (I read once that some personalities are like that. Had I fallen into the weakness of that type?) Was I impetuous and irresponsible to leap so quickly into involvement? Had enthusiasm replaced wisdom and timing? Was I so insecure and fearful I was shutting down in self-protection? Oh, what a torment as I listened to the onslaught of questions. Not all of them productive or affirming!

But, as other events evolved, the Lord proved my sensing was very accurate. I was hearing from God without condemnation from Him. Interesting, eh? I made a mistake, but I was not condemned. Go figure!!

As things developed, tasks changed. Love for another, trusting God in the midst of confusion and seeing provision, affirmation and favor come over the whole situation has been a test and a joy that goes deeper than a surface smile. If we will just breathe in, breathe out, hold tightly to God and take it one day at a time—whether the outcomes are good or bad—God has shown me that his higher purposes will always prevail. IF. . . if we will place ourselves in HIS hands.

It’s true, there are no guarantees that life will always bring me the results I seek. But, in the small ways of provision, kindnesses of friends, favor with “systems” that have already happened, God has shown himself strongly in ways my “pea-brain” can grasp. I know that I know that God is, that HE loves us unconditionally and will see us through ALL that life will throw at us.

Have I handled this roller-coaster ride with dignity and sweetness? No.   Am I condemned? Miracle of miracles, No, I am not. I am doing the best I can, strapped in with the Lord and holding on, sometimes screaming as we ride up the embankment and then dive into the next plunge in the ride. But, ride on I will. By the grace, mercy and love of God.

Thanks, Lord for holding us all in your Love.
Keep looking up,

© September 17, 2016