Take the Leap . . .

Dear Friends,

How quickly the winds change and pull our sails suddenly onto different courses. The key is to feel the winds and let the major expert, the Helmsman in your life, control the wheel while you set the sails and secure the ship under his command.

All this sailing verbiage may give you the false impression that I am “sea savvy.” I definitely am not. I love the water – watching it, being near it, observing the life on it. Actually sailing is another story. I am not an experienced sailor. We have a small pontoon boat—a good putt-putt boat for the senior life, and superior for crabbing on our Bay. Even so, I am only comfortable on it in fair weather. That is the extent of my sailing skills . . . sorry if I disappoint.

But, I do love the analogy! It simplifies my ability to explain things to myself and anyone else that may be listening. We think we have set our course in life and head out to the unknown with fear and hope mixed together. Then winds blow to change our course and confusion tries to rule our minds and hearts. But these ‘detours’ in our life are never wasted—not for a second IF we let the Lord be lord in all conditions.

Like my last letter, all these changes work to make us more than we naturally are . . . IF. Now is the time to decide who is the true Captain of our ship. How will it be? Will we have the courage to step off the cliff into the faithful waiting arms of God, and grasp that HE is the love that will sustain us in all our situations?

When storms hit, it will be too chaotic, confusing and noisy to find leadership and have control where it needs to be. For true success in good times and bad, decisions before the storm need to be firm and become foundational in us. We know deep in our hearts there is more to life than just us. We also know, if we are truly honest with ourselves, there is a hole in each of us that will never be filled with what we have pursued up to now. We often try many ways. We attempt to be the captain of our own ship . . . yielding only to self. We find some relief in people, music, art, or substance abuse. But, in the end it all returns, that inner yearning for the “missing element” we sense is there.

In the end, if we have asked, the answer comes. But, it takes courage that only the Answer can give to yield to that answer, to give our control to the Creator of who we are. It is a big leap. It is a jump of faith to grasp Truth and give your life over to Him.

To be truthful, yielding to God can be a paradox. We need to acknowledge and receive as fact that Jesus really is who he said he is. We have to fall into it willingly, receiving his gift of life on His terms. The enigma is we can’t do it without His Spirit doing it with and in us. Our part is to grab the hand that is reaching out to us. When we do, the contract, the eternal covenant between Him and us, will be forever unbroken in all life throws at us.

And, Jesus is the key that unlocks everything to us. No person is perfect, no matter how hard we try. That imperfection keeps us from God’s presence, because God loves us. In our natural state, the intense fire of his Perfection would annihilate us. So God, who is also complete love, agreed with his Son to provide a solution.

The key to unlocking the door to God continues to be Jesus. His total alignment and obedience, his untarnished, totally human state, his complete yielding to all God asked while he walked the earth as a mortal man blew open the closed doors of relationship with the Perfect Creator God. In their total, beyond comprehension love for us, God and Jesus agreed to provide our “bail out of jail.”

Do we deserve this? No, not one of us—no matter how loving, giving and serving we may be. We can never merit his redemption. We have to acknowledge our condition, bow our will and heart and receive everything God has for us. That is the key to peace in chaos, healing and strength in pain and depletion, and inner hope when all around you is despair.

It cannot be explained . . . as much as I love words and try to express it. It has to be had to know it. It comes by unmerited favor, and by asking, seeking and knocking on God’s heart so He can answer.

I have taken many a side-path in my journey to Christ. I learned there are lots of imposters out there.

But, I know that always seeking The Truth will bring that truth. He knows all about you. Give Jesus a chance. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Keep looking up,

© September 1, 2016

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