Vision . . . Blurred or Clear?

Dear Friends,

Driving in the rain, with the sun still shining through the clouds, have you noticed how tough it is to see painted lane lines clearly? When that happens, the sunlight creates a mirror-like glare, and I can’t always see the lane paint distinctly. But, when I put on sunglasses, they filter out the glare, making lines easier to discern.

I was sitting with family last week while they were talking about voices…when as children they had invisible friends and sometimes heard people talking to them that were not really there.

The various answers that came forth were childhood imagining that went away with maturity, perhaps emotional or chemical imbalance as the source, escape from difficult family situations, etc., etc., etc.

As I listened, I thought, “Why not put on the God-given sunglasses of Truth. Why can’t they see that this world is made of more than what the natural eye can perceive?” We are not just body and soul. We are also spirit. And there are elements of creation that can’t be explained rationally with logic or counseling. Some issues have spiritual foundation.

Please . . . I am all for medical diagnosis, professional counseling and pursuing help for all sources of troubling behavior issues. Sometimes it is a simple identification of the source. However, sometimes I think we ignore the spiritual side of our nature to our detriment.

I’m just sayin’ . . .

From birth, we are a tri-part being: body, soul and spirit. When we become disconnected from the Source of our creation, it gets distorted or misdirected. There are SO many modern offerings for us to find spiritual peace and connection these days. I would just ask that we not “out-source” our spirits to counterfeit opportunities.

From my perspective, all our troubles began when we, humanity, decided to ignore Creator and give control to self. Again, a caveat: I am not promulgating destruction of ‘self’—a subjugation that brings annihilation. On the contrary, it my experience that as I yield control to God, through the grace extended by Jesus, my natural spirit is immersed into his Holy Spirit causing an expansion of self. Self becomes imbued with His presence, peace and purposes. His plans over my own give me the best. Am I still imperfect and flawed? Yes. But, that is what Jesus’ life-giving love is all about.

Holy Spirit in us empowers us to not only survive, but also thrive. Yes, thrive! He will provide the sunglasses of his Spirit to filter out the distortions and perceive things coherently—even during our stormy trips. And, when things ‘beyond the natural’ occur, we have the filter of Holy Spirit to give discernment of the sources of our experiences: natural, medical, emotional or of the spirit world.

To quote Shakespeare’s Hamlet, “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” Have I experienced these things personally? Yes. Were they always from our Creator God? No. But, when I embraced the Truth of God, the real God who brought us back from destruction through Jesus, I was given his Spirit and then able to discern truth from deception.

To paraphrase Paul’s letter to the Ephesians (chapter 6), we are not at war with people, but with other world realities. And the Holy Spirit “equipment” will give us Truth over deception. The choice of our Source is ours. Hold on to Him and you will have quite a ride! Not always an easy ride, but a wondrous ride indeed!

Keep looking up,

© November 26, 2016