Tides . . .

Dear Friends,

As I sit in front of my computer this morning, the Bay is smothered in fog, and full of rain and wind. Our Bay is an estuary affected by ocean tides and upriver outflow, blending fresh water and ocean salt, giving life to a remarkable variety of life. Right now, it seems the tide is dead center between high and low.

That’s how I currently feel. I am no longer care-giving my Beloved. I am experiencing patient related “empty-nest” syndrome as he becomes stronger every day. It is similar to leaving our child in his first all-day classroom! Off my Beloved went today, without me driving, to his cardio rehab class. This will seem silly to most of us . . . even me, somewhat.

However, it was another crossroads. How shall we travel from this point onward? It is symbolic of my life, my family life, and my nation. We/I have important choices to make as to how to now live. It seems to me that stewardship is one of many key words in this pondering.

My Beloved and I have been given a new heart, a new valve to regulate a new beginning—ironically at the age-defined final portion of our lives. It seems to me this is important to consider as we move forward. It also seems analogous to our nation right now.

My life has changed dramatically. I have been given back my best friend who was fading away slowly. I so want to be a good steward of this gift. Perhaps achieving this is two-fold: finish my personal race with purpose . . . finally doing what has been on the back-burner for a lifetime; and complete the race with him in harmony (which requires effort when two Type-As are married!), living each day our Lord has given us to just “be” . . . in harmony with Him and thus each other.

I am so fortunate that my Beloved holds similar perspectives and the same Christian faith as I. It has been the glue that has held us together on a long, and in spite of frequent difficulties, a very good life together. In our 57 years of marriage, to put it mildly there have been times we were not on the same page. But, with our love and commitment to each other, and the Lord’s Spirit holding us like glue, we made it through.

I do know not everyone “makes it through” for legitimate reasons. I do pray healing and restoration to those who fought the good fight and lost. But, we did make it this far. For that I am eternally grateful! Nevertheless, it took hard work, commitment and constant dialogue to hold on to each other.

So, we ask ourselves: Are we willing to do the hard work it will take to move forward in these changes? How will we adjust our lives? We are not where we were, and not yet where we will be . . . we are between tides. We will have big choices to make in the days ahead.

And so will the people of the United States of America. Our nation is between tides. Will we navigate the changes with dignity, good stewardship and honest dialogue? Will we honor our differences without compromising our own beliefs and standards? Will we seek the heart of God for His direction for us or will we demand our own way in all things? These are hard choices no matter where we try to apply them: self, family, community.

My hope is for us, and my faith is in The One who will see us through.
Keep looking up,

© November 14, 2016

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