Pondering choices . . .

Looking out my window, I see a solitary, small, flat-bottomed boat on our Bay. It’s afloat with two figures in orange rain gear huddled together, sorting and tending their crab pots. A pocket of calm has arrived and the seagulls are flocking around this little boat . . . hoping for discarded crabs as the couple work on their pot lines. Sometimes I feel like that—afloat in a world that is amazingly beautiful and simultaneously cold and solitary.

For me, most things symbolize something, are prophetic in the sense that it speaks to issues I see concerning loved ones, community and me. So it is with this little boat of crabbing hopefuls.

We are now in the season of storms, wild winds and weather changes rushing in and out. And, as my Beloved and I are no longer bouncing with youthfully adventurous energy, this tends to change our plans. Weather conditions seem to have more influence. Not, it appears, for this crabbing couple floating on the cold Bay. Perhaps they went out during the calm and will remain when windy rain hits again. Perhaps it is their way of getting food on their table, possibly a necessity? Maybe they are just passionate about being on the water and simply enjoy crabbing. Either way, they don’t let their environment stop them from providing for family or simply enjoying the freedom to experience it all.

Who knows….but I like to think about it! I wonder how that transfers to me and mine. As I said before, things have changed. Health and ability are being restored bringing shifts in perspective and choices. In this new strength and emerging liberty, how shall we own this and explore life while being grounded in wisdom and good stewardship of what we have been given . . . in so many areas and on so many levels.

It seems to boil down to this: from a global perspective, to national matters and community concerns, it bottom-lines at the individual level. We all have decisions to make in this time of tremendous shift and change. What will be the source, the foundation of our planning for tomorrow? What will influence our actions in the days ahead?

Personally, it goes back to a simple process. As thoroughly as practicable, identify resources, alternatives, thoughts, expectations and hopes, and lay them all on the table. The key in all this is immersing in prayer the huge amounts of time considering options . . . wrapping it all in prayer . . . simply talking to the One who knows our end from our beginning. We will never make perfect decisions in this imperfect world. But, I truly believe we can come really close, if we find our way His Way.

There is another element involved that I don’t always enjoy. Waiting. Waiting for the answers to be revealed, confirmed and evolve. However, another bottom-line is that best results are the outcome of submitting self to the One who knows best, rather than serving self and ending up with second-best.

For me, the One who Is, Was and always Will Be is the One I follow, and the One I look to for wisdom these days. That’s my choice, to trust the One who can be trusted in all situations and “weather conditions” . . . regardless of outcome.

Keep looking up,

© November 17, 2016

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