Seasons . . .

Dear Friends,

I made this note to myself last fall while preparing for Beloved’s major surgery. Little did we expect the surgery to accomplish far more than predicted. The result was a shift: a shift in abilities, in perspective, perhaps even a revision of life plans. Time will evolve the answers for us. But, this note was about what I was seeing then. I think it applies today. Enjoy!

This was noted in September when fall colors blasted the landscape:
“As I sit in the hospital waiting-room, looking out the window, I see trees, trees, and more trees awash with color; red, green, pink, yellow, brown, even blue leaves—all clinging desperately to their branches. The sun is shining on a clear day with a crisp shift in the fall air. The leaves are clinging to branches hoping to last as long as they can. Nevertheless, soon the sap will feel the cool changes within and cease to feed the clinging leaves. In due time the leaves will fall away, leaving the branches bare, and the tree will rest for the winter.

Miraculously, in this transition from summer to fall and on into the winter, life still flows. Leaves changing their color and eventually dropping off the tree are merely indicators of internal shifts. As the trees give up their leaves to enter the next phase, life still flows within. Change isn’t always deadly; there is a difference between dormancy and demise. Restoration and preparation occur in this inactivity. Sometimes changes can be preparation… a preparation for times to come.

The trees’ life sap now flows differently, and they adapt as trees been created to do. It’s the same with us. When things in life change, and parts of our lives seem to drop off, leaving them behind us on our journey, it is only a sign of coming into something more. And, consider this: what drops off may nourish the travelers coming behind us.”

Keep looking up,

Seasons of preparation, seasons of rest,
Bring seasons of new life because of the shift.

© December 3, 2016

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