End of the Old . . .

Dear Friend,

Today marks the last breath of another year. I truly wish I had something profound to dazzle you with as we move into 2018. But, to be completely honest, I am not very full of dazzle today. I am feeling the loss, pain and confusion in the world around me, while I simultaneously living in a bubble of peace and complete provision. How much of it is subconscious dealing with my own internal issues in life, and how much stirring is from world news and/or the lives of the community I live in? I have no idea. I just feel this mixture strongly today.

Just to let you know where my perspective originates, we have moved into a new community and are experiencing all that involves. Physical, emotional and mental adjustments run rampant whenever this happens, of course. Having spent much of my life moving from community to community, this is not new to me. But, the shock of change still hits, even when I know it is the right time and the right place.

However, this season feels different from all the other “seasonal life changes” I have known before. The reasons are many. Like you, life has a way of interjecting itself into the inner person . . . invited or not. And, like you, I have to sort through all the new issues that arise when change hits full force.

But, in the gale winds, I am doing my best to set my sails into the wind of his Spirit and let God be at the helm within. Friend, I have no idea what the New Year holds for us. But, I do know this: you are loved, as am I, by a Creator of all that is, was and is ahead.

I sometimes doubt this when pressed, but this amazing Lord keeps staying steady on through my ups and downs. I have deep failures, some unresolved losses and many changes I need to make going forward. But, as I stand at the edge of the cliff of another year, once again it’s Jesus bridging the gap. He is truly Love manifested for our regeneration into all Creator God originally intended for us – before we messed things up!!

So, I guess my final word to you this year is this:  You are truly loved by the unseen, every present God of all creation. Don’t let life, others, or even your own self-analysis tell you otherwise. Listen . . . He is waiting for you. When you call his name, Jesus always answers.    You are loved.

Keep looking up,

© December 31, 2017