On Whose Terms . . .

Dear Friends,

One of my ongoing issues is this: determining on whose terms I am functioning. This was reignited when President Trump acknowledged Jerusalem as capitol of Israel. By doing this, he executed U.S. Congress legislation passed years ago. It was an act of courage not exhibited by former Presidents from both political parties.

Will it create problems? No doubt. Dust will be riled and vision impaired for the unprepared. By settling the issue of “On whose terms will I live,” we can have unimpaired vision in any storm through goggles purchased by wrestling with this question. It is not an easy issue to resolve. But, I continue to press into it.

The issue of Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel may create problems from which there is no going back; stirring debate, confusion and deception. Yet, in honoring a campaign promise and enforcing an act of Congress, integrity came forth. I believe it was courageous. Though our President may not realize it, I also believe it is aligned with the plan of God. So . . . how shall we respond?

This brings me back to, “On whose terms do I live?” When our daughter died without warning, my trust was challenged. Did I come through with flying colors? No. Did I get all answers? No. Did I learn anything? Yes. Some of it productive; some of it upsetting. Without complete answers, my issue is still this: am I willing to get resolution based on one principal: submission to an Authority higher than myself.

I have found that pride and “I want!” deaden hearing. Not knowing and thrashing for answers distorts truth. Impatience and anger warp vision. Being a “fixer” and wanting things on my terms hinders clear thinking. Sitting in judgment clearly clouds my responses. Wrestling with the giants of logic, ego, control and ‘needing to know’ is depleting!

Slowly, I began to understand what many have known for generations. I fought against this principle my whole life. Growing up with a structured, chain-of-command mind-set, I was outwardly compliant. The ludicrous thing was that I outwardly submitted to authority, while inwardly rebelling against it. Only those who have done this understand the insanity of it!

Ultimately, I found a peace-granting truth. It’s tied into learning that Jesus is the most courageous person I have ever met. He relinquished his lawful rights to bail me out, by lining up with the Author (God) of The Plan, even at the cost of his life. By his total surrender to God’s authority, his pure and Holy Spirit lives in and empowers all who (undeservedly) will accept his act of courage on our behalf.

If Jesus had the guts to surrender himself to what at times can appear to me to be illogical—and he has given me his Spirit to walk me through life’s questions—who am I to challenge God? In my rash way, I did. Yet I wasn’t zapped into a puddle of mush. God walked me through some answers over the years. However, he did not give me ALL the answers.

The ONE answer I did get was via a question: To whom am I submitting my life? Self or the One who created me?

It is a war of two worlds. And, truthfully, ongoing. But, like all things in life, we have a choice. How then shall we choose?

For me, the choice (at last!) is a no-brainer. I will join with the Holy Spirit of the Lord to daily bring all I am into alignment and relinquishment to my Creator God, the One and Only.   Have I given up reason? Of course not. I still question, research, discern and attempt to walk in wisdom. But, I choose to be under the umbrella of the Word, written and living, to guide my walk under God’s authority to the best I am able.

What has all this to do with President Trump acknowledging Jerusalem and Israel’s capitol? Well, dear friends, God DOES have a plan. And, though Jesus himself did not promise life would always be sunshine and roses, God does get his way in the end. And, after much wrestling, investigating and praying, I’m lining up with End-Game Winner! Acknowledging Israel is part of that game plan. A provoking storm may arise. Nevertheless, God can be trusted to walk us through it. He does have a Plan.

Keep looking up,

© December 8, 2017

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