It Works!

Dear Friend,

In the process of moving yet again, I found a little stuffed bear. A gift from my daughter, it was set aside, out of sight for several years. Somehow, it was easier to not see it, to not be reminded of our loss. Interesting how we deal with the issues of life; we each cope as we are able – without condemnation from the Lord. He stands with us, in us, and in the process of living.

I confess my method of coping is not always healthy. Avoidance, internal shut downs while externally functioning quite well, thank you! Nevertheless, Jesus sticks with me as I learn so much about myself in life’s “interesting” places! And, seemingly little things along the way move me forward while dealing inwardly with who I am now, where I am going and how to get there.

What has this to do with the little bear? This bear has battery-operated spots in several places – hands, feet and tummy. When one of these spots is pressed, a little voice will speak a scripture verse to you. Testing to see if it still worked, I discovered the battery cells were corroded and dead. Something in me decided this was a test – of something I couldn’t define. So, I immediately removed the corrosion and cleaned it up as best as I could. Then, I put fresh batteries inside, closed it up and tested it. IT WORKED!!

Listen, no matter how corroded our lives may get, how disturbing the world situation is, no matter how dire our personal lives may be – it is never to late for the Lord to clean up our ‘batteries’ and reconnect us with the source of life – Him. We can “get our voice back!”

True, depending on how long we have allowed corrosion to develop, the Lord may need to do a thorough clean up job. But, we can ALWAYS go boldly into the presence of God by the justifying person and sacrifice of Jesus. Always. Repenting of callous rebellion always leads us home – into the throne room of our great and loving God — because we have Jesus with us and Holy Spirit within us to guide. We will always be restored to function there!

Will there be a ripple effect from our mistake, error, sin . . . whatever you label it. Probably. However, Jesus is not called Redeemer without reason. He will always make diamonds from the coals we give him. And, it will forever change US. Whether we are aware immediately or not, we will come through with greater wisdom and strength. Holy Spirit really is our Friend.

There is no mistake too grave that prevents Jesus’ forgiveness and renovation. Our part is to acknowledge our need to turn around (acknowledge our fault – whatever it is) and receive his forgiveness. Learning from our mistakes, we then press into the depth of life swallowed up in the limitless love of God in Christ.

Keep looking up,

© March 24, 2018

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