Love and Truth

Dear Friend,

With so many harsh words being spoken from so many venues, it is most upsetting to consider the potential and harmful responses someone may feel when reading my words. But I must decide whether to risk being misunderstood or to be silent.   When I remember history, I pray that God will give me courage to be what I am created to be, and to share what I am prompted to share, with trust that I will be doing no harm.

God takes our words seriously. Our words, like the Lord’s, have the capacity to build or destroy, to heal or hurt. God spoke. He used his words to create.  Therefore God is concerned that Truth be spoken.  So, once again, I must tell you what I share with you is Truth as my life has revealed it to be. Each one of us is responsible for our own search  – and hopefully we pray most diligently not to be led astray. It is a tricky business – wanting Truth. We must not empty ourselves of “self’ in the sense of opening up to whatever is out there. But, it is vital to seek.

How can I explain this? Truth is gained by reasoning . . . the work of the mind. But, there is more to life  than reason.

Music is sound that speaks to us, that touches the heart of who we are. Spiritual senses also reveal things. Words written carry a sound of their own. These joined with reason, are attempts to decipher things.  In the end, truth does end up being revealed . . . if we really want it. And here is the caveat: if we really want truth, we will then be required to make a choice.  Accept the truth and trust enough to surrender all to it.   Or not.
There really can be no in-between. As I have said before, fence-sitting is impossible. Realistically, we either fall to one side or the other:   accept or reject.

I liken it all to when I met and married Beloved. When we met and spent time with each other, we just “knew.” It just was. A knowing. And has been so for almost 60 years. I am most fortunate, I know. Not everyone has been so blessed. But, not everyone has experienced my pain and the difficulties in my life either. So, I give my experience as a sample of “knowing” that will never be erased – no matter the pain, doubts and struggles that follow the original “knowing.”

Bottom line: God is and has a plan for each of us. Sometimes we know it. Sometimes we wait to know.  But, He knows.  Our part is to align with him and his ways.  We will never understand real love until we do.

From the beginning of time as we know time, the plan was to restore us to himself, even after we broke trust with him. A patient and loving God took generations to bring civilization to the answer: his person of redemption – Jesus. When Jesus walked the earth, he was perfect. But, he felt, humanly speaking, all the pains, urges, struggles we do. The difference being he aligned with God perfectly as a substitute for us. He bailed us out of the jail of disconnection to perfect Love – God. When we accept this Truth, a revolution takes place inside us. We find out more as we walk step by step into this reconciled relationship – becoming who we were originally created to be.

Keep looking up,

© June 28, 2018